Why Foam Is The Best Material For Your Balance Or Exercise Pads

When it comes to exercise, there are a lot of different choices you can make about the exact type of material you find the easiest to work out on, from hard cement floors to soft, cushioned pads that seem more comfortable than your pillow. For many people, a compromise that provides both support and comfort is important to ensure stability and also to reduce injuries and the amount of stress you put your body under. Here are three reasons why a non-slip foam exercise balance pad could be the perfect choice for your needs.

Foam Is Soft But Not Too Soft

When you work out, most people want a surface that cushions their impact without being so soft that it becomes a problem for your performance. Foam fits right into that Goldilocks region where it is not too soft and not too hard but just right. That is why you will often see a non-slip foam exercise balance pad being used in physical therapy because they know that this is the safest and most effective platform to work out on. Even if you don't have any physical conditioning training or rehab, a foam exercise pad is still far and away the best choice.

Grippy Surface

The last thing you want is to be constantly slipping while working out, and some exercise pads with more plastic surfaces can cause exactly this problem. When you see professionals using foam pads, you may be wondering why, but it becomes clear as soon as you step foot on them: they are almost impossible to lose your balance on. They have an insanely grippy surface which even the worst, most run-down exercise shoes will easily latch on to. They also have this on the underside, so they don't slip and slide out of position on the floor either.

Easy To Store

Foam pads are very easy to store away when not in use, as they come in simple shapes that can fit under any bed, in any crawlspace, or even in the back of your car. They are also very light, so there is no worry about having to drag them around and possibly straining your back. They don't age too badly either. The foam is very resistant to wear and tear due to its internal structure, so a non-slip foam exercise balance pad could last you for years before you need to even think about replacing it. 

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