Don't Want To Exercise? Learn About Different Types Of Exercises And Their Awesome Benefits To Get You Up And Moving

You probably know that exercise is good for the heart and helps keep your weight down, but exercising offers many other benefits. Below are some different types of exercises you can do, and how exercising benefits you.

Types of Exercises

When you start learning about the different types of exercise, you will often see two types including:

  • Anaerobic exercises
  • Aerobic exercise

During aerobic exercises, you will perform low to moderate level exercises of intensity, such as jogging, dancing, walking, hiking, or playing sports. These exercises are done over a long period of time. The idea of aerobic exercise is to keep your heart rate at a higher level during the entire time you are exercising.

Anaerobic exercises are where you build muscle mass and increase power. You will generally do strength exercises, which uses resistance to build muscle strength. Weight exercising is also often used, such as using dumbbell, weight stacks, and plates.

Besides these two exercises, you may want to choose an endurance based training system. This training programs builds conditioning and strength using challenging and varied workouts. Instead of focusing on one separate group of muscles, it focuses on your entire body. During a class you would warm up by doing things like lunges, squats, jump rope, and jumping jacks.  You may then be asked to do a particular exercise for a certain number of repetitions as quickly as you can. When finished with the class, you will cool down by stretching. There are many exercises you will do, and it will depend on your instructor.

Ways Exercise Can Benefit You

Exercising can benefit you in other ways including:

Helps with Hot Flashes

A study has found that women who lead sedentary lives have more severe menopausal symptoms when compared to women that are physically active. For this reason, you should partake in a regular exercise program.

Hitting the gym will work well. They will likely have some aerobic classes you can take.  Some types or aerobic exercises you can do on your own include walking, jogging, swimming and biking. You can also use the exercise equipment at the gym, and there may be a personal trainer there to help you.  Exercise may also help with other menopausal symptoms you have, such as fatigue and irritability.

Helps with Sex Life

Studies have shown that exercising can improve your sex life. If you feel out of shape and tired, you may not want to partake in physical intimacy. Regular exercise will help you look better and feel more energized.

Helps with Cholesterol Problems

Exercising regularly can help with cholesterol problems, as it can boost your HDL (high-density lipoprotein), which is known as the good cholesterol, and decreases triglycerides. This helps your blood flow smoothly, which decreases your chance of having a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

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