Be The Biggest Winner: How To Retrain Your Body And Brain For Better Health

You can exercise all you want, eat nutritious foods and still gain weight.

Sometimes to be the biggest winner, you have to retrain your brain and the way you think about healthy living. At the same time, you retrain your body. Here is how you can accomplish that.

Attend a Nutritional Health Camp

A nutritional health camp is more than a place for just diet and exercise changes. These places help you rethink your attitudes and ideas about food. They show you how portion control is everything. You may eat healthy foods, but if you eat twice the portion sizes you should eat, you will gain weight. Other attitudes and falsehoods about food are eradicated or changed in these programs, including the notion that you should clean your plate before dessert and that you should never eat dessert on a diet.

Detox the Body and Brain

If you eat enough junk, your body begins to expect less-than-nutritional foods. Ergo, your body needs "a clean slate." The best way to do that is to detox your brain and your body so that all of the healthy foods you eat from this point on retrain your brain to get excited and happy about these foods instead.

There are many detox kits available through your pharmacy or health food store. Just make sure that the one you select has plenty of vitamins and minerals to support your body's natural functions as you cleanse and reduce food consumption for a few days. It may take several weeks or several months after you detox for your body to override the programming it had for so long. When it does, you will still get the same pleasurable sensations from food you used to, only now the healthy foods will be responsible for these reactions.

Boost the Brain's "Happy Chemicals"

Exercise boosts serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer and mood lifter. You may have experienced a decreased desire to eat unhealthy foods or a decreased desire just to eat when you have boosted your serotonin. If you can keep your serotonin up, you can continue your weight loss or weight management goals. Exercise is one way to do this, but so are sex, laughter, snuggling with your kids, playing with or petting your pets, getting regular massages, etc. Find the method that best increases your serotonin and you will be well on your way to retraining your brain and your body for a longer, healthier life.

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