Three Simple Exercises That Can Complement Your Medical Weight Loss

Visiting a medical weight loss center and working to shed some pounds under the care of a professional gives you a high chance of being able to meet your goals. Although the doctor, like those at Glory Wellnes Center and Weight Loss Clinic, who is caring for you will likely make some exercise suggestions, there's nothing wrong with thinking of your own workout ideas and giving them a try, provided the doctor says they're OK. Regardless of the amount of weight you're attempting to lose, a handful of exercises can be beneficial even if you don't have a wealth of workout experience. Here are three worthwhile aerobic exercises that can help you.


Walking is ideal because many people can perform it with relative ease, regardless of their weight or lack of athletic history. Walking is also a low-impact exercise, which means it shouldn't cause pain to the joints in your lower body. It doesn't need any specialized equipment or a trip to a dedicated venue -- you can successfully walk around the block, walk in place in your own home or walk up and down your stairs to further enhance the weight-loss benefits of this exercise. If you weigh 185 pounds and walk at a moderate pace of just 4 miles per hour, you'll burn about 200 calories.

Water Aerobics

A regular land-based aerobics class can generate enough impact to cause pain to your joints, but taking this exercise into the water negates its impact. A water aerobics workout is ideal because, beyond a swimming pool, it requires no specialized equipment and can be adapted to your level of fitness. Whether you're comfortable just walking in place or wish to add advanced movements such as turns and lunges, water aerobics can help you meet your weight-loss goals -- plus, spending time in the water keeps you cool and often feels less like a workout than using a cardio machine at the gym. A 185-pound person will burn about 178 calories in 30 minutes of water aerobics.

Bike Riding

If you're comfortable riding a bike, be prepared for a workout that burns calories at a greater rate than many others. The rate at which you burn calories while biking depends on the pace you maintain. However, even a moderate pace of around 13 miles per hour is enough to help a 185-pound person burn about 355 calories in 30 minutes. Riding a bike is another form of low-impact exercise that shouldn't cause pain to your lower-body joints.

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